Closed Doors

from by Stuck In A Rut

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featuring OQ on guitar


this is the place
i hate the most
when you get here
you are lost

familiar faces
don't look the same
the empty stares
the forgotten names

this is the place
that takes away
everything we've built

where the fuck did it go
who's to blame, me or you?
guess it doesn't matter now
bitter memories just bring a frown
i remember you standing tall
but time always takes it's toll
i see myself through your eyes
and i don't recognize myself

these are the things
we take for granted
these are the words
that kept us stranded

this is still everything


from No Future, released January 3, 2012




Stuck In A Rut Cluj Napoca, Romania

DIY hardcore punk band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

animal friendly
gay positive
god free

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