No Future

by Stuck In A Rut

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released January 3, 2012




Stuck In A Rut Cluj Napoca, Romania

DIY hardcore punk band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

animal friendly
gay positive
god free

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Track Name: The Illusion of Safety
i may be a lucky one
but i don't feel lucky
it could be a lot worse
but it's not good enough

settle for 9 to 5
sell your fucking life

i want more
than a job or a car or house
i want more
than what they had in store for me
Track Name: Statistics
everything is wrong
with the life we're offered
so many choices
nothing but distractions

these people see love as a sickness
and dollar signs in her weakness
turned our kids into addicts
made us forget how good life is
and the truth is
we're better than this

when the fuck did we forget
how to live our lives?
Track Name: Borrowed Time
crawl back into your bed of nails
and sleep out another day
say a prayer for a better tomorrow
and run away from today
hide yourself from the world outside
and pretend everything’s alright

are you comfortable now?
when the foundation is breaking
and your whole world is shaking
are you comfortable now?
when your world is ending
but you keep pretending

Ignored the cracks in the foundation
now it all came crushing down
did you think it wouldn't catch up
or didn't you stop to think?
Track Name: Entertainers
you're just another asshole
trying to sell me his shit
just because the package is different
doesn't mean i'm interested

you’re just another fool
who doesn’t know his place
you think you’re so different
but you’re just like the rest
Track Name: The "Free" Press
what ever happened to integrity?
what happened to telling the truth?
when all your news come from upstairs
why the fuck should i trust you?

you distort the view
you're nothing but a tool
manipulate the masses
working for these fascists
Track Name: The City
and like the blood wasn't enough
we still cling to what we've got
we still make fucking excuses
for a life that's so useless

and like the sun will shine forever
we keep telling our lies together
but we're too busy to fucking see
the sun isn't shining on you and me

but I don’t need
What you’re offering

i see
the same masquerade
the same pointless crusade

little boy
never grow up
don't be like your father
he already gave up
Track Name: No Future
i have no father
i have no mother
i'm the beginning
i am the end
i am the first man
i will be the last

this is the price we chose to pay
forgot about tomorrow while living for today
this is the price we chose to pay
with the whole world watching we're fading away
no regard for self no regard for the other
for our last stand we're killing each other

sterilize the world
search for plastic heaven
i am man and i am better
Track Name: Closed Doors
this is the place
i hate the most
when you get here
you are lost

familiar faces
don't look the same
the empty stares
the forgotten names

this is the place
that takes away
everything we've built

where the fuck did it go
who's to blame, me or you?
guess it doesn't matter now
bitter memories just bring a frown
i remember you standing tall
but time always takes it's toll
i see myself through your eyes
and i don't recognize myself

these are the things
we take for granted
these are the words
that kept us stranded

this is still everything