Stuck In A Rut Cluj Napoca, Romania

DIY hardcore punk band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

animal friendly
gay positive
god free

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Track Name: A Choice
You push and push like it's your fucking problem
Who the fuck are you trying to save?
We can all see through your self righteous games
Who are you really trying to protect?

NO! You don't a say
NO! You won't get your way
Her life is her own
Her body, her choice

The right to choose is beyond question
Not a single doubt in my mind
What is right for her is not up to you
This time you don't get to decide

NO! You don't a say
NO! You won't get your way
Her life is her own
Her body, her choice

Track Name: Experiment On Yourselves
Destroying lives in the name of progression
I rather choke than be part of this hoax
You call this science, I call this abuse
Profit over lives, somehow it makes sense to you

Experiment on yourselves, you motherfuckers!

You're nothing but a killer,a glorified butcher
You're not just killing them, but poisoning us all
Close your eyes,pretend you don't see it
Their hell is real and you'll fucking pay for it
Track Name: Fuck Your Social Scene
I don't want to fucking party
I just want to speak my mind
And I hope someone will listen
Cause this comes from the heart

I don't care about petty excuses
You apathy, it makes you useless
You still claim that you're a threat
A threat to yourself and no one else

Death to all
Mindless boring music
Death to all
Boring punk cliques
Track Name: Behind These Walls
You're hungry for more but you won't stop to question
The price payed for your senseless lack of compassion
Betrayed them all for a moment of satisfaction
I hold you all responsible for your actions

Don't tell me it's not our war
Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for
I will gladly sacrifice knowing that it saves a life

Behind these walls there's murder
Behind these walls there's torture
Behind these walls there's suffering
Behind these walls....
Track Name: Black Bloc
They got me on my knees again
The ground is my only friend
In this world there's no win or loose
If you move you only tighten the noose

But this time around I won't be going down
Take the fight to the streets, bring the bastards to their knees
Track Name: Nike Punx
Supporting slavery, capitalism and genocide
Endorsing fashion instead of passion
This not and never will be what hardcore is all about

Nike punks
Fuck off!

I piss on your fucking shoes
Track Name: Never Belong
I'm so fed up
With people telling me
How i should act
Who i should be
Everywhere I turn
Same old story
Always questioning
Always judging me

Never belong!

But I see you
For what you are
Afraid of yourself
Hidding behind
Picture perfect
Empty facade
Picture perfect
But it's a lie
I see you
In everyone
In every billboard
In every scar

What will you do when you're not you?
Where will you turn when all bridges burn?
But those pretty scars will never heal
Those pretty scars make you real

Why the fuck are you hiding behind this empty image
Instead of living your fucking life?
Track Name: Angry Song #2
The war is on , it's time to pick sides
Time to fight back , silence is a crime
Empty words won't write this story
Your life's at stake , you can't ignore it
I choose to fight

The whole world's on fire
And you don't even get it
When you'll finally wake up
You're gonna regret it

Soo much more to life than what they told you
One way to live? fuck what they sold you
What is right , your's to decide
Take back your life. Fight or die
I choose to fight
Track Name: Sunrise To Sunset
When will you realise they're selling fucking lies?

Every single day is exactly the same
Going through the motion, daily routine
Sunrise to sunset just waiting to die
This is your life, this is your fuckin life

What the fuck will you do
When life catches up to you?
When days start to add up
And the past is all you've got
Where the fuck can you go
When you gave'em all you've got
But you're still down on your luck
Track Name: Green Terror
Put a stencil on a wall
Break a window, block a road,
Steal some animals, set them free,
Paint a fur coat, nail a tree

Green Terror!

When money is on the line
They see life, as a fair price
Will stop at nothing to get their way
It's up to us, to make'em pay

Green Terror!
Track Name: NDSPPCDS
Noua Dreapta suge pula pe coji de seminte!